ETS DPRES is established with quotes port authority of Abidjan (republic of Ivory Coast), true maritime crossroads. This geographical position is also one of the forces of our company. Since it reduces our time of intervention towards the port. This speed of execution thus fulfills the requirement of the ship-owners, confronted with increasingly short stopovers their ships. This high level of performance and this organization would not be conceivable if we do not have means of storages as vast as modern.

Regularly, company ETS DPRES proceeds to the improvement of existing, in order to fulfill the requirements of the regulations in force. Today, this surface of storage (3000 m2), is made up not only of vast rooms refrigerating (positive and negative) of 2000 m3 which ensure the fresh produce and frozen all warranties of an excellent conservation and also of a department store of storage of salt iodized for conservation of the fish tuna.

Moreover, we have warehouses where are lodged all the range of our products primarily made up by machine elements essential to the needs for the ships. We also make planes which we put has the provision of the ships for their different fishing. These planes are made custom-tailored according to desired dimensions.

Also, we are wholesale fish merchants wholesalers false tuna.


Vous fournir des produits de qualité, dans les plus brefs délais, à des prix compétitifs.

Provide you products of quality, as soon as possible, at competitive prices.

Proporcionarle productos de calidad, cuanto antes, a precios competitivos.